EXCURSIONS JAPAN is a travel resource for visitors to Japan & its residents.  The aim is to share my love of Japan & favorite places within – including wonderful, lesser-known spots that need to attract more tourists in order to survive & thrive.  I’ve lived in Japan for over 20 years and plan to grow old here. I explore constantly – with a personal goal of becoming Japan’s foremost travel expert.  I hope the information on this website will help you make the most of your time in this incredible country.

Japan Travel Specialist, Intercultural Consultant


*Lead excursions in conjunction with Heartland JAPAN. Click HERE to see current offerings.

*Available for private tour guiding (currently in/around Kyoto or Tokyo only).

I also offer guiding in simple English for Japanese who want to see their country from a different perspective while improving their English listening and speaking skills.

*Write travel articles (the largest collection can be found on JapanTravel.com)

*Create Facebook & Instagram posts (photos and advertising blurbs) for local governments, sightseeing spots, and other tourism-related sites.

*Give travel talks/seminars/lectures on travel in Japan (ex. what to see/do in specific locations – Kyoto, Tokyo, Hakone, Nagasaki,…), and more.

*Provide tour guide training to Japanese who want to be better English-speaking guides.

*Consult/Advise local governments, sightseeing spots, ryokan/hotel, restaurants, etc. I provide specific advice on low cost ways to improve what you offer. And, advice on how to take better care of non-Japanese, especially high-end tourists that have money to spend.

Please contact me for more information regarding any topic listed above.

*In addition, feel free to send an e-mail in order to recommend a location, discuss work together, or to just leave a message at: excursionsjapan@gmail.com

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