Excursions & Event

Upcoming Excursions for May & June 2019

*Led in conjunction with Heartland JAPAN & Mandy Bartok of Uncover Japan

For more information on any of these excursions, or to book one privately for your own group, send an e-mail to: excursionsjapan@gmail.com


Thursday, June 20 – Exploring Old Tokyo: Nihonbashi & Ningyocho

*Spaces are available.

Visit the neighborhoods where Tokyo began, from a former doll town to a revitalized shopping district in the heart of old Edo. We’ll explore hidden shrines (both old and renewed), picturesque alleys, Japan’s first coins, fossils, antenna shops and more. 9:00-12:00


Tuesday, June 11. Hydrangea at Hondo-ji Temple

*Spaces are available.

Escape to nearby Chiba prefecture to visit a historic temple known for its profusion of summer flowers. Enjoy a garden of irises and stunning fields of hydrangeas. Finish off the morning with a delicious Japanese lunch at a nearby restaurant. 9:30-14:00


Thursday, June 6. City Explorations: Shiodome

*Postponed. New date – TBA

Explore Shiodome, a complex filled with 13 majestic skyscrapers that sit on the edge of Tokyo Bay. Take in the view from a 46th floor observatory, visit two interesting museums, explore the area’s underground ‘world’, and learn about Shiodome’s history, top restaurants, and more! 9:30-12:30


Monday, May 27. Omiya Bonsai Village

Wonderful English-friendly village – highly recommended!

Travel just outside of Tokyo to Saitama’s famous bonsai village. Learn about this centuries-old tree shaping practice in the Omiya Bonsai Museum, enjoy a light lunch and wander through the neighborhood’s bonsai nurseries. 9:30-15:15


Wednesday, May 22. Tokyo Neighborhood: Ochanomizu

*Hope you can join us next time.

In this neighborhood walk (tucked next to Akihabara) visit an origami center, a venerable shrine with unique prayer plaques, a beautiful century-old cathedral, and a train station that’s living out a second life as a collection of hip boutique shops. 9:15-12:30


Wednesday, May 15. Secrets of Enoshima

*E-mail us to take your own group here.

Travel by train and a scenic monorail to the coast of Japan – then, on this tiny island, learn the fascinating history of: a collection of temples & shrines, a beautiful garden, an observation tower with breathtaking views, and a mysterious cave.  All this (and more!) only one hour outside of Tokyo. 8:20-17:30


Thursday, May 9. Islands of Tokyo: Tsukuda/Tsukishima

*We had a great excursion!

Visit an island in Tokyo Bay where a historic neighborhood filled with narrow alleys sits in the shadow of giant ‘tower’ condominiums.  Enjoy beautiful views of the Sumida River, learn about the island’s fascinating past, discover hidden shrines, and sample tasty local specialties. 9:00-12:00


For more information on any of these excursions, or to book one privately for your own group, send an e-mail to: