Hydrangea Viewing in and around Tokyo

There are many places in and around Tokyo where one can view impressive hydrangea displays. The flowers are usually at their most beautiful in June. Below is a list of some of the best locations within Kanto where they can be enjoyed. Please note – many ajisai-related events and festivals are canceled this year (2021). This list is based on an average year. Please research in advance before you visit.

Ajisai = Hydrangea

Matsuri = Festival

Along the tracks beside Asukayama Koen


Asukayama Park, Kita Ward: 1,300 ajisai bushes within the park and along the railroad tracks (photo above).

Fuchu City Local Forest Museum, Fuchu City: Holds a yearly ajisai matsuri. *Postponed until State of Emergency is over.

Hakusan Shrine, Bunkyo Ward: Small, but lovely shrine filled with 3,000 ajisai bushes. The ‘heart’ of the yearly Bunkyo Ajisai Matsuri.

Rikugien Garden, Bunkyo Ward

Showa Kinen Park, Tachikawa City

Sumida Park, Taito Ward: Promenade along the Sumida River boasts 6,000 ajisai bushes along a 2 kilometer stretch.

Takahata Fudoson Temple, Hino City: 7,500 ajisai bushes within the temple grounds. Holds a yearly Ajisai Matsuri.

Tokyo Summerland Ajisai-en Garden, Akiruno City: A water park with a garden area filled with 5,000 ajisai bushes.

Hondoji Temple


Hattori Farm (Hydrangea Mansion), Mobara City: This one is on my bucket list – it looks especially impressive!

Hondoji Temple, Matsudo City: A lovely combination of 50,000 ajisai and irises.

Nokogiriyama, Kyonan City: Many ajisai bushes line the paths of the Nihonji, the temple that covers much of this mountain.


Onoike Ajisai Park, Shibukawa City

Ogikubo Park, Maebashi City: Significant amount of ajisai bushes. Located inside the grounds of an impressive michi-no-eki.

Shogenji, Midori City

Yashio Ajisai Village, Fujioka City


Amabiki Kannon, Sakuragawa City: 3,000 ajisai bushes within the temple grounds. They hold a yearly ajisai matsuri.

Howa-en Garden, Mito City: Garden of Keiganji Temple has over 6,000 ajisai bushes within its grounds.

Mito Hachimangu, Mito City: A short walk from Howa-en. 5,000 ajisai bushes.

Nihonmatsuji, Itako City: Temple with a large garden filled with 10,000 ajisai bushes.

Kaisei Town


Hakkeijima Hydrangea Festival, Yokohama

Hakone Tozan Railway, Hakone: 10,000 ajisai bushes line the train tracks. Higher elevation so they usually bloom later than in other places. They are lit-up in the evening. A special hydrangea viewing train runs – reservation only.

Hayama Ajisai Park, Hayama Town: 3,000 ajisai bushes, located near one of the entrances to the Sangaokayama hiking course.

Kaisei Ajisai Matsuri, Kaisei Town: 5,000 ajisai bushes line newly planted rice paddies. In a wide valley, mountains on three sides. My favorite hydrangea spot in all of Japan!

Nogeyama Park, Yokohama

Sankeien, Yokohama: many flowers within this garden, ajisai are scattered throughout the grounds. Nice irises along the lakeside.


A variety of temples in one location. A fantastic day-trip for viewing ajisai.

Engakuji Temple

Goryo Shrine

Hase-dera Temple

Meigetsu-in Temple

Kita-Kamakura Kominka Museum: A tiny museum in a historic home with many ajisai within its grounds.

Tokeiji Temple: Lovely irises too.


Shimoda Park, Shimoda City: 3 million ajisai (not sure how many ‘bushes’ that is) bloom along a lovely walking path. Holds an annual ajisai matsuri.


Kurobane Castle, Otawara City: 6,000 ajisai bushes within the grounds. Holds an annual ajisai matsuri.

Ohirasan Jinja, Ohira Town: 2,500 ajisai bushes lining the slope and staircase leading to the shrine.

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