June 2019 Event List

 There are many fantastic events happening in and around Tokyo this month.  Rainy season usually starts around June 8, however, hydrangea and irises ‘perk up’ and are even more beautiful in moist conditions.  Also note, the rain is usually not heavy (like in other areas of Asia). *This list will be updated online at excursionsjapan.com when I learn … More June 2019 Event List

Top 3 ‘Must Buy’ Magazines on Japan

Although there is plenty of information about Japan online, do you enjoy holding an actual magazine in your hands? If so, there are three top quality magazines to consider: Kateigaho International, D Design Travel, and Rurubu Omotenashi Travel Guides. There are also many free publications that are filled with up-to-date event & travel information.   … More Top 3 ‘Must Buy’ Magazines on Japan

Morinji Temple & the Tanuki Tea Kettle

Morinji is a Zen Temple located in Tatebayashi City, Gunma Prefecture. It was established in 1426 and is famous for its connection to a shape-shifting tanuki. Tanuki are dog-like raccoon animals, and they are often depicted as mythical creatures.  If you walk from Morinjimae Station to Morinji Temple, you can see picture signboards that tell … More Morinji Temple & the Tanuki Tea Kettle