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Kyoto’s Ohara District

Day Trip to Mt. Oyama for non-hikers

Kinosaki Onsen

Hidden Treasure of Kyoto Prefecture: Shojuin Temple

Hydrangea Viewing in and around Tokyo

Kyoto 2022 – Without Tourists

What & Where is it? Kansai Explained

Kyoto’s Kinkakuji, the ‘Golden Pavilion’

Glimpses of Geisha – A ‘Virtual’ Art Exhibition

Living in Japan: Places to visit before international tourists return

Shirakawa Mini-Walk, Central Kyoto

Specialty Dining in Obama, Fukui Prefecture

Obama – Asia’s Original Gateway to Japan and Kyoto

City Explorations: A Day in Morioka

Experience Morioka-Hachimantai Iwate Prefecture

Reasonable Dining – Central Kyoto

Atami – Hot Spring Resort by the Sea

Tokyo Day Trips: My ‘Top 10’ Lesser-known Favorites

Tokyo Minato Ward History & Culture Walk

Izu’s Kawazu-zakura Festival – Early Blooming Cherry Blossoms

‘Little Kyoto’ – Tsuwano, Shimane Prefecture

One Night in Matsumoto

Walk for Locals: Kamiyacho Station to the Tokyo American Club

Summer in Tokyo – Escape to the Beach

The Hakone Circuit

Reasonable Kyoto Dining: Some Personal Favorites

3 nights/4 days in Northern Tohoku

‘Maguro-lovers’ day trip to Misaki Port & Jogashima

Azelea Viewing in Tokyo & its surroundings

‘Meguro’s Best’ – Cherry Blossom River Walk & (much) more

Top 10 – Omi Hachiman

Best ‘Ascendable’ Tokyo area Giant Buddhist Statues

Four ‘easy’ Winter Overnight Trips from Tokyo

3 day self-drive Vacation in Kyushu’s Kumamoto

Touring Historic Homes in Yokohama – December is best!

Top 3 ‘Must Buy’ Magazines on Japan

Tokyo Oasis: Senzokuike

Best of Minami Boso, Chiba Prefecture

Hiking & Sightseeing in Oku-Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture

Kinchakuda Prefecture Spider Lily Festival, Saitama Prefecture

World Heritage Site Hunting in Shingu, Wakayama

Bucket List: Aomori’s Sacred Osorezan

Touring Shikoku’s Kagawa Prefecture (after Naoshima)

Morinji Temple & the Tanuki Tea Kettle

Day Trip: Environs of Kawasaki Station

Aizu Wakamatsu: The Samurai City

Kyoto: Best Neighborhoods for Dining

Self-guided Tour: Hiking Mt. Mitake’s Rock Garden

Tokyo Neighborhoods: Shirokanedai

Kyoto Restaurant ‘Gion Mametora’

‘The City of Stone’ Oya, Tochigi

Gardens & Museums of Clematis no Oka

Nokogiriyama, Chiba ‘The Sawtooth Mountain’

Kyoto ‘Must See’ Kodaiji Night Illuminations

Tokyo Island – Hachijojima

Tokyo Area Co-ed Onsen – Bathing Suits Required

Musashi Kosugi’s Grand Tree Mall

Downtown Historic Nagasaki

Iris Gardens in & around Tokyo

Kyoto ‘Top 3’ Recommended Courses for First Time Visitors

Hakone Accommodation Recommendations #1

Fukushima City & Nihonmatsu City – Overnight Sightseeing Tour

Self-guided Tokyo Sakura Walk: Chidorigafuchi